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Released on CD in 2005. Order Batdorf and Rodney CDs here

Previously unreleased live recordings by Batdorf & Rodney before "Off the Shelf" recorded on October 24, 1970 in Las Vegas at a rehearsal just before playing their audition for Atlantic Records. This is not a "studio" recording and is not a perfect sound recording either since it was captured on two room mics but it does offer some songs that we've never heard before and plenty of banter from our favorite duo. For those of us who treasure Batdorf & Rodney, this is a "must own" artifact that takes us back in time to simpler and happier days.


1. Oh My Surprise
2. And I See It Now
3. Beauty of Life
4. Eternal Happiness
5. Can You See Him
6. Can You See Him (Jam)
7. Where Were You And I
8. Wastin' My Time
9. The Love That I Can See
10. My Heart Has To Say
11. Love Is The Only Way
12. It's Not Over
13. And She's Mine
14. She Loves Me

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