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Off the Shelf

Record Label: Atlantic - Released 1971

Released on CD in 2003 as a limited pressing of 1000 copies.

Re-released on CD in 2005. Order Batdorf and Rodney CDs here

Guitar and voices: John Batdorf and Mark Rodney
Vibes and piano: Barry Beckett
Bass: Chris Ethridge and Dave Hood
Drums: Roger Hawkins and John Barbata


Oh My Surprise

Me and My Guitar

Can You See Him

Workin Man, Blind Man

You Are The One

Don't You Hear Me Callin

Where Were You and I

Never See His Face Again

One Day


Let Me Go

This was Batdorf and Rodney's first album. The song "Can You See Him" received the most airplay on FM radio stations. According to Mark Rodney, he did most of the lead guitar work on this song and this is his favorite song from all of their albums.

The album has been re-released on CD but is still fairly collectable among fans of the duo. Used copies in good condition usually sell for around $10.

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